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A survey conducted by  The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University  found that substance abuse trends among high school and college students are rooted in behavior beginning in middle school.

Researchers also found that preteens are smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana at earlier ages and that adolescents who abuse these "gateway drugs" run a higher risk of abusing harder drugs in the future.

When people lose their jobs, or flunk out of school, or are divorced by their spouses because they cannot resist devoting all of their time to virtual lands, they are pathologically addicted.

But as in all addictions, the problem is where to draw the line between "normal" enthusiasm and "abnormal" preoccupation.

When people are addicted, their enjoyment often becomes focused on carrying out the addictive behavior and relieving withdrawal, rather than the full range of experiences which form the person's full potential for happiness.


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